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 Specialty Paints


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 Imperial Productions ®      

 Standard & Custom Architectural Products

 & Specialty Paints to the Trade 





 Ceiling Coffers

 Flexible Mouldings



 Fireplace Mantels






 Kitchen Posts

 Tin Ceilings

 Finishes: Metal Coating, Specialty Paints
  New York: 555 Riverwalk Pkwy, Tonawanda NY 14150 800-399-7585







 Bases Attic Round

 Fiberglass Columns

 Classical Columns

 Bases Tuscan Round

 Hardwood Columns


 Bases Tuscan Square

 Decorative Post Wrap 

 Temple Winds

 Capitals - Decorative  Element13 Aluminum*  Roman Ionic



 Roman Corinthian

 Rope Columns


 Temple Winds





    US$ On Line Column Catalogs 






 Boiserie - Ceiling Mouldings

 Coffer Segments


 Crown Mouldings

 Ceiling Medallions

 Domes:  Recessed  Surface Exterior

 Ceiling Rings

 Olde English Beams

 Ceiling Medallion - Custom

 Tin / Copper / Aluminum Ceilings  

 Coffered Frames 

 Light Valences

 Coffer Panels 



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 Custom Carvings


 Pilaster Capitals







 Centers & Scrolls








 Steel L Bracket





    US$ On Line Carvings Catalogs 




 4)  FACADES: House & Store Fronts 




 Arched Casing

 Frieze Board


 Artificial Lumber



 Beams-Olde English

 Flexible Trim


 Board & Batten T&G

 Gable Vents

 Radius Headers



 Roof Spires

 Building Cornice

 Grills for Facades


 Closed Headers



 Corbels for Facades

 Louvered Vents

 Solid Panels- NonWood 

 Dentil on Board


 Triangle Brackets

 Dentil Insert Strips

 Modillion Blocks

 Triglyph Headers


 Niches & Alcoves 


 Door/Window Casings

 Panel Molds

 Vented Soffit








   US$ On Line Facades Catalogs







 Recessed Domes

 Coffered Segments

 Oval Domes

 Custom Interior Domes

 Light Valences

 Custom Exterior Domes


 Dome Casing Rings

  Surface Domes

 Exterior Domes

 Vaults - Half & Full


   US$ On Line Dome Catalogs   




 6)  MOULDINGS - Straight, Curved, Arched


 Arched Moldings

 Coffer Frames

 Offset Molds


 Corner Guard

 Panel Molds


 Dentil on Board

 Pilaster Casings

 Bar Rail 

 Dentil Insert Strips

 Quarter Rounds


 Door Stop

 Reed & Ribbon

 Beads 1/2 & Full

 Egg-Dart Panel Mold


 Board Batten-T&G

 Flexible Mouldings

 Rope - 1/2 & Full



 Running Coin


 Half Rounds

 Sills - Windows

 Burlap Molding

 Lamb's Tongue


 Casings-Chair Rail

 Leaf Patterns


 Crown & Cornice

 Machinable ResinMold®

  Triglyph Headers

 Closed Headers

 Mirror-Picture Frames  



   US$ On Line Moulding Catalogs   






 NonWood ArchPolymerTM


 Balls & Caps 

 Custom Balusters

 Balusters & Spindles

 Balusters & Spindles

 Custom Balusters



 Porch Posts


 Railings - Top & Bottom


 Stair - Nosing

 Porch Posts


 Railings - Radius


 Railings -Top & Bottom


 Stair Brackets



   US$ On Line Railing Catalogs   




 8)  Imperial Fireplace Mantels


 ArchPolymerTM - Decorative for Props or Electric Fireplaces

 StoneMoldTM - Interior Use

 ZeamentTM - Exterior Use



   US$ On Line Mantel Catalogs   





 9)  Imperial Finishes


 Metal Coating on any Substrate

 Specialty Paints for Graphic Arts, Architecture, Signs, Staging

 Metallic, Mattes, Fluorescents, Signs & Lettering

 Staining & Finishing Services


   US$ On Line Metal Coatings & Specialty Paints






 Custom Commissions                                         















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  * All Prices & specifications in this website subject to change without notice

  * Prices are net, Freight, Taxes & Duties charged where applicable otherwise client is responsible for remittance

  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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